When I think about capital letters, they remind me of famous names starting with those letters. Therefore,

each letter relates with a cultural icon.

36 Days of Type is a Instagram based project inspired by Latin alphabets and celebrity culture.

A for Amélie (film)


B for Björk


C for Cher


D for Darth Vadar


E for Einstein


F for Frida


G for Grace Jones


H for Harry Potter


I for Indiana Jones


J for James Dean


K for Keith Haring


L for Lady Gaga


M for Mina Mazzini


N for Nelson Mandela


O for Obama


P for Picasso


Q for Queen Elizabeth


R for Rihanna


S for Sia


T for Tori Amos


U for Uma Thurman


V for Virginia Woolf


W for Woody Allen


X for Xtina

(Christina Aguilera)