One of the main challenge was to fit Marriott's enormous portfolio into a simple site. Another challenge was to make this page interactive and modern within Fliggy's very limited framework.

We created new grid and design system. All the big visuals are full width to take advantage of the visual impact of desktop browsing. Meanwhile all useful information is compact inside a tighter column so users won't miss a thing even when they have small windows.


The button system we created is minimal and dynamic. Idle state buttons are translucent, default selection or when mouse over the opacity will increase to 100%. This execution can help users locate themselves in carousels.

Client: Marriott

Agency: Artisans (Shanghai)

My Role: UX/UI Design and art direction

Marriott Fliggy eCommerce portal

I paired up with another designer to design Marriott's new portal at China's eCommerce Giant - Alibaba's travel branch - Fliggy.

We also art directed the website. Taking account of client's need, we navigated through Marriott's and Starwood's massive image archive to select the visuals that will best fit the purpose.

The newly merged Marriott and Starwood hotels commissioned a brand new eCommerce flagship.