I built an intuitive UX wireframe that allows store visitors to enjoy a simple yet memorable run.


The custom treadmill is connected with the floor to ceiling curved screen. As runners go faster and faster, the shoe on the screen will launch to outer space as a rocket.

NIKE Pegasus Turbo

China launch

From the second runners step on the treadmill till the end of the run and digital takeaway, everything is linked within a same storyline. The top speed of each run determines how far the Pegasus Turbo rocket can reach in space. Runners will receive their own "rocket launching" video after the run.

MediaMonks helped NIKE to promote the new Pegasus Turbo. As the main creative in the team, I worked to solidify the project from initial idea to final executable plan.


The campaign links in store experiential piece and online social sharing. It provides NIKE flagship store visitors the chance to enjoy the new Pegasus Turbo in "rocket speed" and to spread the thrill on social media.


This project is awarded a FWA of the day.

Client: NIKE

Agency/Production: MediaMonks

My Role: UX Design, Creative

An epic launch for NIKE's new running shoe Pegasus Turbo.