As part of the OS, this is more than a pure animation. I had to consider what happens when users fail to unlock the phone. The sequence has to be a seamlessly boomerang for a smooth user experience.

OnePlus 6T

Unlock Animation

Weeks before the big launch of OnePlus 6T, MediaMonks helped to create one of the unlock animations for OnePlus Oxigen UI.


Acting as a bridge between the client and the animation team, I helped define the art and creative direction.

OnePlus wanted a cosmic theme to reflect the novelty of this feature. We tried to cleverly hide the bight light of the optical in-screen fingerprint sensor and made this pale green particle big bang animation.

Client: OnePlus

Agency/Production: MediaMonks

My Role: Creative/Art Direction

A cosmic animation to unlock OnePlus 6T with   in-display fingerprint sensor.