Game 1

The Flash Lick

Each game is inspired by the famous lick and dunk action of OREO cookies. Therefore the cookie itself is the protagonist of every game.


Most visual elements used are either food or food related items - just to keep these games delicious as they are fun.

Game 3

The Ladder Dunk

Game 5

The Spiral Dunk

Players need to type in product codes to cash game credits to play. Each new game will deduct one credit.


Every one of the 5 games has different difficulty levels.

Client: Mondel─ôz (OREO)

Agency/Production: MediaMonks

My Role: UI Design



MediaMonks helped OREO to build 5 web games for both desktop and mobile.


As the main UI designer of the team, I utilized OREO's tool kit to craft playful and young visuals while avoided being over childish. I created the master version UI to be later translated and implemented in different markets.

To achieve the youthful and fun visual style OREO wanted, I chose a minimal colour pallet - OREO dark blue as the main colour with a few accent colours.


I designed every block and button in the game to look like a piece of chocolate. While the title text resembles the fillings of OREO cookies.

Game 2

The Crazy Twist

Game 4

The Seesaw Twist

After each game, players can see their scores and win gifts. They can also access the game leaderboard.

OREO CUP consists of 5 games for multiple markets to bring the joy of eating OREO cookies to online.